We’re a people-first kind of team.
And guess what, we already like you. Promise.

Our Story

TrueWind is a group of talented creatives who are dedicated to seeing the human behind the logo. We want to get to know you. Because we know that’s the best way to make your brand visible (and you irresistible) to your ideal customer.

Your Story

This is the story you love. It’s an understatement to say you’ve poured a lot into it. We have the professional skill and creativity to match your passion and present your story in the best possible light.

Meet the Team

Daniel Campaña
Founder & CEO

Fearless leader. Builds dreams with his bare hands.

Jack Hebert
Creative Director & Head Designer

Tireless idea man. Sees your potential.

Isaac Norton
Account Executive

Passionate client advocate. Really hears you.

Tiffany Wismer
Writer Extraordinaire

Expert writer. Finds the words you’re looking for.

Gray Warrior

Film and photo artist. Invokes the Stoke.

Jeremiah Bofill
Production Coordinator

Production wizard. Makes life easier.

Matt Kotlan
Audio Production

Sultan of sounds. Listens well.

Kylan Kincaid
Front End Web Developer

Strategic Problem Solver.

Jacob Grodman
Backend Developer

Architect of the Matrix.

Genevieve Dahle
HR & Friend to All

Team confidante. Puts the human in our resources.

Dylan Turner
Executive Assistant

Master of making sure nothing gets dropped, no one gets missed.